To: Diaspora Ministry and Armenian Hotel Association

To:  Diaspora Ministry and Armenian Hotel Association

I would like to express my concern about a few important issues regarding Armenia-Diaspora relations.

I do not see close cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora in the economic and tourism sectors (and many others as well). Instead there is close cooperation with Turkey.

The video below indicates and proves that very clearly. 10th International Tourism Exhibition, May 2010.

Not a single Diaspora organization participated in this exhibition, and the word Diaspora did not come out of the lips of the organizers, as if we do not exist and do not have any businessmen or industrialists or travel agencies, all over the world with 8 million Armenians. And it is Tunisia that will give this exhibition an international character? As if the Armenian Diaspora ALL over the world can not give that International character. Why are you not encouraging Diaspora tourism organizations to participate in this exhibition and honor them for the work they have been doing for so many years for Armenia, while you are flirting with and honoring Turkey?

Can you explain why?

Also, I would like to know who are the two Armenian gentlemen giving their talks in the above video? And who is that lady, that is ALL smiles with the Turkish representative from Van?

Why is it that UMBA (Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia ) is having two meetings with 40 Turkish business and manufacturing companies, while you are not doing the same with Armenian Diaspora business organizations and individuals?

Why are you continuously ignoring and not encouraging so many big and rich Diaspora companies that would love to come to Armenia (and are coming for many years) and start a business there, provided good business atmosphere and laws exist? What is preventing you to do that?

Why are you giving priority to Turkey and not to the Diaspora.

Why is it that there is no well-defined and professional Armenia-Diaspora economic, tourism and even cultural cooperation?

Please let me know.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to the Minister of Tourism in Armenia.

Harout Bronozian
Custom Probiotics, Inc.,


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