Crime in Baku got no political, legal or moral estimation

Crime in Baku got no political, legal or moral estimation

Nagorno-Karabakh Foreign Ministry press service commented on the January 1990 tragic events in Baku. posts the statement:

“January 13, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in Baku, which had become the direct and logical continuation of the massacre of Armenians in February 1988 in another Azerbaijani city – Sumgait reputed to be &‘international’.

The unpunished evil was repeated, still on an expanded scale. The January 13-19, 1990 massacre in Baku, with the use of the most brutal and subtle methods of killing people, completed the ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijani capital from Armenians – representatives of one of the state-constituting nations of the country, a nation representing the pride and fame of Baku. Thousands of Armenians in Baku deceased or became handicapped, and hundreds of thousands became refugees. Mainly children, old people, and women became victims of the really fascist atrocities.

The Armenian issue was resolved via the experienced Turkish tool – genocide, with the connivance of the central Soviet authorities, with the silent consent and participation of the Azerbaijani SSR leadership. And while the Soviet troops &‘were late’ for 3 hours in Sumgait, they &‘were late’ for a whole week in Baku, entering the city only when actually no Armenians were left there. The monstrous crime in Baku hasn’t got any political, legal or moral estimation so far. The very fact of the Azerbaijani authorities’ concealment of the atrocities against Armenians is outrageous cynicism. The lack of even a shadow of repentance, moreover, the increasing threats towards the Armenian people confirm that &‘bakus’, &‘sumgaits’, and &‘kirovabads’ are still on the agenda of Azerbaijan’s official policy. And all this is witnessed by the international community, which probably isn’t going to take lessons from the past – as just the connivance of the international community made possible the bloody bacchanalia, which covered the whole territory of the AzSSR and achieved its peak in January 1990 in Baku.

The Armenian pogroms in Baku are one of the convincing grounds for the impossibility of Nagorno Karabakh(Artsakh) Republic’s being part of Azerbaijan.

The atrocities towards Armenians, which were systematically organized by the Azerbaijani authorities during the whole 20th century, emphasize once again the rightness of the Artsakh people struggling for freedom and defense of its primordial rights.”
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