SRS submits “draft Armenian genocide resolution”

BELGRADE — The opposition SRS party submitted “a draft resolution to parliament condemning the genocide committed by Ottoman Turkey against Armenians from 1915 to 1923”.

This is according to SRS official Zoran Krasić, who spoke in Belgrade on Thursday.

He told a press conference that SRS submitted the draft so that Serbia can join some 20 countries which have condemned the genocide, believed to be the first committed in the 20th century.

“Two and a half million Armenians were killed then by Turks,” he said.

“Under pressure by the international community, some parties are trying to push through the Serbian parliament a resolution on Srebrenica, which would include the term genocide, although what happened in Srebrenica cannot be compared to the plight of Armenians or of over one million people in Rwanda,” Krasić was quoted as saying.


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