No Foreign Language Schools in Armenia!

No Foreign Language Schools in Armenia!

Dear Friends,

Many of you have probably noticed that Armenian media currently actively discusses a new initiative by the Government of Armenia that proposes changes in the law that will allow non-Armenan schools in Armenia. Legislative requirement of school education only in Armenian language for ethnic Armenian children in Armenia introduced by the Government of Levon Ter-Petrosyan has been one of the major achievements of our people since Gharabakh movement in 1988.

The first Russian language school in Armenia opened in 1937 and by 1980s 25% of schools in Armenia were Russian, the percentage in Yerevan being much higher. Armenians speaking Russian to each other in Yerevan was a widespread and threatening phenomenon.

After the Armenian Turkish Protocols this proposed changes in the language law has become the next challenge for Armenia. Many scientists and specialists have strongly opposed the bill and each day we see new articles about this subject. But the Minister of Education Armen Ashotyan is committed to get the bill passed. I think we need to support those who oppose the bill. I welcome everyone to discuss this subject in this forum and ask those who see this bill as a threat to sign this petition:

Some of us may decide to start our petition to circulate in Diaspora media as well.

After all of the strategic assets of Armenia came under Russian control and after pro Russian governments are established in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan this bill seems very dangerous for the future of Armenia (sorry to some of our forum members for not being optimistic here). This bill reminds me a Russian expression: you can find free cheese only in mouse trap.



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