Education Minister’s Initiative is ‘Betrayal,’ Says Hayrikyan Calling on HHK to Recall Him

Education Minister’s Initiative is ‘Betrayal,’ Says Hayrikyan Calling on HHK to Recall Him

The opening of foreign-language schools in Armenia is a “very dangerous” and “betraying” step, Head of National Self-Determination Union (NSDU) Paruyr Hayrikyan said at a press conference today, calling on the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) to quit that initiative.

“They may blame anyone, the president, the prime minister, but HHK had better quit that initiative and officially recall the [education] minister it appointed,” said Hayrikyan, adding that there is nothing more repulsive than such a display of contempt toward the Armenian language in the independent Armenia.

“The point is that they say that in order to integrate into the achievements of the world civilization and science, the Armenian language should be quitted, and instead the youth should be educated
by a foreign language. This is a demonstrative, humiliating treatment towards the Armenian language,” added he.

Hayrikyan also said that this initiative by Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan is a display of betrayal and equal to treason.

According to Hayrikyan there will certainly be some people like Nairi Hunanyans who will blow up those foreign-language schools should they open after this these discussions.

Nairi Hunanyan was an Armenian journalist who organized and conducted with the helf of his associates the 1999-attack on the National Assembly, killing the then Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan and Chairman of the National Assembly Karen Demicrchyan and many other MPs.
Currently he is serving his sentence.

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