Lawyer Stefan Taschjian demands recognition of Germany’s responsibility for Armenian Genocide

PanARMENIAN.Net – German attorney at law Stefan Taschjian has filed a suit against the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to assert that the massacres of the Armenians during the years 1915/1916 were a genocide in the sense of the UN Convention of 1948, as well as assert Federal Republic of Germany’s responsibility for this genocide being identical with the German Reich according to the German Federal Constitutional Court. The suit against the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany was filed on June 21.

“I planned to file my suit on April 24, 2010, yet my schedule was too tight at the time. I’m glad to have filed an action today, upon the arrival of Armenian President in Germany. I hope the issue will be discussed by both states’ authorities. Armenia’s support is very important for the success of the lawsuit,” Stefan Taschjian emphasized in a conversation with PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

As he stated, in March 2007 he submitted facts of German soldiers’ direct participation in Armenian Genocide to Bundestag’s Board for Caucasus Issues. “I presented documents of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs after having had a conversation with the Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Yerevan, describing massacres perpetrated by German soldiers in the cities of Urfa and Zeitun, German army commander’s shooting at Armenians’ houses to facilitate Turks’ entrance,” Taschjian noted, adding that in February 2010, when Die Linke German leftist party asked the same questions to German government, the latter replied similarly as Turkey does regarding the Armenian Genocide.

“German Government denied the fact, stating that the issue should be investigated by historians,” the lawyer emphasized, adding: “This is a shame for Germany and unbearable because of the fact that the Genocide would not have taken place if the German Reich did not agree to it.”

The issue will be considered at Berlin Administrative Court and submitted to German government’s consideration. Hearing for the case will be held in about half a year.

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