Letters To The Editor – Does the Israeli government discriminate?

Letters To The Editor – Does the Israeli government discriminate?

USA Armenian Life Magazine
Issue #1179 November 5, 2009

Recently, on Sept. 6 in Jerusalem, Armenian Christian Seminarians returning to their Convent of St. James, after holding their weekly procession in the Church of the Holy Sepulche, were approached by a young Jew wearing a kipa who spat on them. This led to a brawl whereby the police arrested two of the Armenian Seminarians. The police informed the Armenian Patriarchat the matter would be brought to court the next morning. In court, the Armenians were told the police referred the incident to the Israel Ministry of the Interior and they decided to deport the two Seminarians.

This was not the first time that Jews have spat on Armenian Christians and the cross, whereby the Ministry and police have failed to take action against these perpetrators.

Also, the Ministry has intentionally delayed renewing visas of Armenian monks and priests who were born in Arab countries.

It is an undisputed fact that the Israel government is putting pressure to drive the Armenian Christians out of Israel as well as other Christian minorities, thereby showing their anti-Christian and anti-Armenianism.

Stephen T. Dulgarian

Chelmsford, MA

Editors Note: This letter to the editor was originally published in Lowell, Massachusetts’ The Sun on October 24, 2009. It is authored by longtime Armenian-American activist, Stephen T. Dulgarian.

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