Armenian man burnt alive by two Azerbaijanis

Armenian man burnt alive by two Azerbaijanis

Two Russian citizens of an Azerbaijani origin burned an Armenian man alive in the Russian city of Volgograd.

An Armenian man, 33, got acquainted with two Azerbaijanis by accident. The guys asked for cigarettes and offered to drink bear. Young people went to Volga River bank to drink together. After having a bear they argued and a scuffle broke out.

Presently they do not remember the reason for the argument. Two 30 year old men violently beat the Armenian guy, then poured gasoline on the body and burnt him, local investigators say.

When the man was found by passer-bys, he was still alive. He was taken to hospital where he died.

Criminal proceedings were instituted and the criminals were arrested. They are likely to be sentence to 12 years’ imprisonment.

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