The Ealing Council in London recognises the Armenian Genocide

The Ealing Council in London recognises the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian National Committee of the United Kingdom (ANC UK) reported that, during a full Council meeting on December 14 th, 2010, the London Borough of Ealing voted by an absolute majority a text which “categorically acknowledge and recognise the events of 1915 perpetrated against the Armenians as constituting genocide”.

The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy welcomes this recognition and congratulates the members of the Ealing Council for their just and fair vote in favour of this resolution. The Federation also commends the persistent efforts of the ANC UK in this achievement.

After the Edinburgh Council in Scotland (2005) and the Parliament of Wales (2006), the Borough of Ealing becomes the first English city to recognize the reality of the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkey in the years 1915-1923, thus exerting moral pressure on the British Parliament and Government in adopting a similar resolution.

The European Armenian Federation notes that, in October 2010, the British Government invited Omar al-Bashir, the President of Sudan, for an official visit to the UK, while the International Criminal Court has issued two arrest warrants against him for the crime of genocide against his own people in Darfur.

The Federation also reminds that Geoffrey Robertson QC’s findings (2009) are strong enough in overturning the current policy of the British Government, as he proved that the British Parliament is full of archives on the Armenian Genocide, but the Foreign Office impedes the efforts in recognizing the massacres as such.

“We urge the British government to revise its unfair position on supporting Turkey’s unacceptable policy of Genocide denial, and officially recognize the Armenian Genocide” stated Hilda Tchoboian, President of the European Armenian Federation.

“Great Britain must become part of the European Union member countries group, who are fair and brave to combat Crimes against Humanity and denial of Genocides”, concluded Hilda Tchoboian.

European Armenian Federation for Justice & Democracy

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