Premiere of 2nd film of “Ordinary Genocide” series to be timed to Maragha victims commemoration

Premiere of 2nd film of “Ordinary Genocide” series to be timed to Maragha victims commemoration

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The work on “Sumgait, February, 1988” , the second film of the “Ordinary Genocide” series is near to completion. According to the project manager Marina Grigoryan, the film crew managed to find lots of video and photo evidence shedding light on previously unknown details about terrible events in the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait, where a horrible carnage and massacres of Armenians were organized between February 27 and 29 of 1988.

“These materials will tell in detail about the first act of the Armenian Genocide of the late 20th century. We have at our disposal the documentary filming of the USSR Prosecutor General’s Office, the materials of investigation and judicial processes, photographs taken in morgues of Azerbaijan’s different cities, where the bodies of tortured Armenians were sent. These pictures and shots are not only shocking by unprecedented brutality of the crimes committed, but also prove that the number of “Sumgait” victims manyfold exceeds the official figures. And most importantly, we have found irrefutable evidence that the Genocide of Armenians in Sumgait was well prepared, organized and administered by the KGB of Azerbaijan and led by Heydar Aliyev, Marina Grigoryan said.

The film will also present facts, carefully hidden all these years, because the witnesses signed a document on secrecy. The film will demonstrate the examples of self-defense of Armenians, that forerun the historic victory of the Armenian people in the Karabakh war. “These unarmed people within several hours defended their families from brutal mob and died as heroes,” Marina Grigoryan said.

The premiere of the film “Sumgait, February, 1988” in the first half of April on the Armenia Public Television will be timed to the 18th anniversary of the tragedy in theArtsakh village of Maragha, another chain link in the Genocide and ethnic cleansing of Armenians in Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh.

The “Ordinary Genocide” project is supported by the Centre of Information and Public Relations of the Armenian President staff. The first film of the series “Baku, January, 1990” was first demonstrated during the 20th anniversary of the Baku massacres of Armenians.

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