In the Georgian textbooks Armenia presented as part of Georgia – Statement

In the Georgian textbooks Armenia presented as part of Georgia – Statement

Javakheti Diaspora Russia demands to abolish the Ministry of Education of Georgia. In the news release sent to the statement Javakhk diaspora in Russia, in particular, they say.

We Javakheti Diaspora in Russia, bitterly note that there is no area of life Javakheti Armenians, where there were no problems. The current situation of the Armenian community of Javakheti threatens civil peace in Georgia and provokes many conflicts. Due to the anti-Armenian policies of the Georgian leadership, as well as brazen inaction and acquiescence bias of international democratic institutions, the Armenian population of Javakheti is rapidly losing its national identity, and if not taken serious steps, then after some time Javakh the same fate which befell the Nakhichevan .

In Samtskhe-Javakheti-Tsalka practically destroyed Armenian theaters, and if they are somewhere and left, there are no performances. No bands, empty houses of culture. No free Armenian media. In Javakheti did not receive any printed edition of Armenia. This very rarely come groups from Armenia, and a group of children from Javakhk wishing to travel to Armenia for a tour, experiencing enormous difficulties with the Georgian border guards: they just suit different obstacles, and sometimes simply do not pass, despite the fact that all the documents in children order.

The Armenian population of Samtskhe-Javakheti-Tsalka experiencing difficulties and spiritual and religious life. In the region today are only a few Armenian churches, and this despite the presence of large number of dilapidated Armenian churches. The Georgian authorities simply do not allow them to rebuild and open as I believe them to Georgians. Because of the pressure of certain Georgian interests in Javakheti do not feel the presence of the Georgian Diocese of the AAC, but the last Armenian Patriarch-Catholicos visited Javakh was Khrimyan Irick and it was at the end of XIX century.

In education, Samtskhe-Javakheti-Tsalka is on the verge of final destruction of the Armenian identity. School buildings are in poor morale and physical condition. In libraries, schools lack books on Armenian literature, there is also the Armenian textbooks, which could be at least optionally, to learn the Armenian language and history. Dzhavahktsy tirelessly and systematically to address and request to send Armenia Armenian textbooks, which have been received here over the past few years, but the Georgian government under the guise of combating the spread of terrorist literature resting prohibit passage of any textbooks, books and magazines in Armenian. Javakhk student actually deprived of the opportunity to learn their native language and history. Instead, the Georgian Ministry of Education provides Javakheti school textbooks that distort the Armenian history. For example, in textbooks on the history of Georgia for the fifth grade, was translated into Armenian, all the maps of medieval Armenia (partially or fully) represented in Georgia, and in the Armenian textbook on the biology of animals is not known Armenian names, but only to Georgians.

Similar examples can be reduced a lot, but we limit ourselves and we note that this year in the region, the Georgian leadership has launched a new policy of forcing out Armenians, which can be described only as “the genocide of Armenian language education of the population of Javakheti. Tbilisi has already approved a program of the school year Dzhavaha Armenian schools, where the number of lessons of the Armenian language and literature reduced to a few times.

In connection with the above, we Javakheti Diaspora in Russia, we demand:

a) Abolish the Ministry of Education of Georgia;

b) Send the current management school in the competence of local administrative territories of Georgia;

c) In each administrative region to adopt its law on education, but they must be tailored on the basis of free choice of most of municipal units and the common edge of federal law.

d) curricula and textbooks must be approved at the municipal territory, and in each subject at the same time there must be some boundary approved by the competent authority of textbooks and teacher should be free to choose among them.

d) Teaching should be based on a combination of compulsory subjects and those who may choose himself a pupil at will.

e) Funding of secondary school must be fully transferred to the Ministry of Finance of Georgia;

g) Each municipality must obtain directly the corresponding amount, according to the number of students volunteer study in this school.

This is achieved Multiversion education, ensure pluralism of opinions and judgments. We believe that teaching in secondary schools should be built on a combination of required courses and those students will be able to choose at will. Openness, the simple choice of each municipality and the edge of complete financial autonomy of school communities once and for all resolve the issue so, what language will be educated in a particular place and what will be the Georgia course.

Javakheti Diaspora in Russia is confident that within the parameters of our requirements, the entire system of education in Georgia will be included and involved in the implementation of EU programs, which respectively lead to the unification of standards of teaching and practicing rapid integration into the European education system.

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