Armenian church in Northern Cyprus turned into landfill

Armenian church in Northern Cyprus turned into landfill

An Armenian church located in the Turkish part of Cyprus is on the edge of complete demolition, Russian news agency Regnum reported, citing Cyprus mail.

Vandals have turned the Saint Makar Church into a landfill and the pilgrimage site will soon be flat to the ground.

Leader of the Armenian community in Northern Cyprus Vardges Mandesian said that for several times they asked local authorities to restore the church.

“We tried, but they would not have money. Almost nothing has preserved from the church, and today it is our task to preserve whatever has remained,” said he.

The church was built in 1000 by Ghpti Christians and was named after Saint Makar of Alexandria who lived in the 4th century in Egypt.

The church became the property of the Armenian Apostolic Church in 1425 and became a pilgrimage site for Armenians.

During the years of the Armenian Genocide in early 20th century it served as a shelter for Armenian refugees.

Turkey conquered one-third of Cyprus in 1974 and created a Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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