Letter to the Editor of USA Armenian Life

Letter to the Editor of USA Armenian Life

We recently read the following article on USArmenianLife website titled “Turkey, France and Armenia Watch your words, A French proposal to outlaw genocide-denial infuriates Turkey.”


Being familiar with the anti-Armenian position of The Economist magazine on various issues concerning Armenia we were not surprised with the use of the word “occupy” in reference to Armenia’s liberated territory of Artsakh. What really disappointed us was the fact that we read the word “occupy” on the USArmenianLife website, without any special quotation marks or other markings to indicate that it does not represent the view of USArmenianLife.

Here is the entire quote:
“Turkey promptly shelved the protocols, reverting to its old line that they could be enacted only if Armenia withdrew from territories it occupies in Azerbaijan.”

The use of the word “occupy” insults the memory of all our heroes who sacrificed their lives liberating Artsakh. They died defending and liberating our homeland, not occupying a foreign land. We urge the editor to do the following:

– Eliminate this nonsensical sentence from the article and note that the article is reprinted with certain cuts; or

– Write a special comment from the editor stating that the use of the word “occupy” does not represent the viewpoints of USArmenianLife and its staff.

We all know that there is a methodically executed information war being waged against Armenia, with Armenians being a particular target audience. If our own newspapers and media outlets are not propagating the truth and our viewpoints, who else will? Allowing such blatantly anti-Armenian expressions and statements on USArmenianLife simply will confuse, disorient and brainwash the remainder of patriotic Armenians who are still looking to read the pro-Armenian viewpoint of issues of concern to Armenia and Armenians. The use of the word “occupy” in reference to Armenia’s liberated territory of Artsakh sends the wrong message.

Thank you,
“Hayrenaser” organization


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