Turkish education minister apologizes for school map on which Bulgaria is part of Turkey

Turkish education minister apologizes for school map on which Bulgaria is part of Turkey

Ankara. The Turkish Ministry of Education and the education department in Istanbul have announced they are “shocked” with the incorrect information in school aids handed out to Turkish pupils. Earlier it was reported that pupils in Istanbul had received multimedia school aids according to which the territory of Turkey includes the whole of Armenia, some regions of Iraq, regions of Bulgaria, Greek part of the island of Cyprus and regions of Georgia. Representatives of the education ministry apologized for the map and said they did not know where it had come from. The public servants laid the entire responsibility with the former head of the education department in Istanbul, Georgia Today reported.
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said “it is unacceptable for such books to be printed.” He insisted on getting the entire information about the case. According to Arınç it is a mistake.




Armenia presented as part of Turkey in manuals for Istanbul school children

June 04, 2012 | 14:22

The school children of Istanbul were handed over multi media manuals with maps where Armenia, several regions of Iraq, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Georgia were presented as a part of Turkey.

The CD with a map was created based on national educational program launched by the Ministry of Education, Milliyet newspaper reports.

The Ministry said that it “was shocked” and apologized for this mistake claiming they had no idea where it had been created. They said former head of Istanbul’s department on education Ata Ozer is responsible for the mistake.

First Deputy of Georgian MFA Nikoloz Vashakidze said Georgia is studying the reports, Gruziya Online reports.



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